...The Secret Life of Jewels...

        American Craft article featuring my work in THE PLASTIC SHOW, Velvet Da Vinci, SF

My body is the instrument which allows me to relate to physical space around me. Creating an object to be worn on the body influences my concept of reality as it changes the physical space around us; how we interact, with whom and in which way. And how we interact with the jewellery. This is why I make jewellery. 

I believe in one of a kind. Jewels like people are particular and unique. I create pieces that belong to larger families, but must eventually go out into the world on their own. My most recent body of work is called Modern Ruins. These pieces are constructed from Resin, Pigment, Iron, Fine Silver and 18k Yellow Gold. 

Curiosity rules our mind. My pieces take their form from a process based on deliberate chance. I employ pigment, resin, pure silver and iron to create dense lightness. Peeling open the waxed paper wrapping from a piece of resin is always surprising, like a memory I haven't yet created.

                                                                            Alice wearing the Golden Sprout   


In July 2011 I did a short term USAID project to train Afghan jewelers and gem cutters in jewelry design on Chicken Street in Kabul. Two years ago I was fortunate to teach jewelery design to students at the Institute for Traditional Afghan Arts and Architecture at Turquoise Mountain, in Kabul, Afghanistan. Currently I am running a non-profit and working in my studio in Lake Placid, NY.